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Lionels Drums Pallets & Totes provides tote pickup in Houston, TX. If you are looking for dependable service for your totes, look no further. I have years of experience with destroying and retrieval service of all types of totes. I will work with you and your business to ensure your totes are retrieved in a timely manner and destroyed properly.

I work with totes of all sizes; nothing is too big or small for me to handle. Please ensure the container is properly secured and is appropriate for the type of liquid or contents it contains. If you have any questions as to whether you have the right totes for the job, please contact me ahead of time. I will share my years of experience and knowledge of totes with you to ensure a safe handling and disposal process.

When you call for totes service, I will be there as soon as possible to retrieve your tote. If you want to set up a recurring schedule, I can do that as well. I work around your time schedule to make it easy on both you and your business. My goal is to retrieve your totes as fast as possible so you can clear your floor space.

Serving the Houston, TX area, Lionels Drums Pallets & Totes provides totes retrieval and disposal service to businesses and industries. If you are looking for a reliable partner to work with, I am the one for you.

I have worked with totes of many different sizes for many years. Schedule your totes to be removed by me today!

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